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Gurame Saus Kecap Segar

Finally I made it. My lovable dish that named "Gurame Saus Kecap Segar". I get the inspiration for this chromatic dish from my favourite television program at Asian Food Chanel. I used the fresh gurame a.k.a. gourami fish, an authentic fish from Indonesia. I have bought this fish in supermarket. Seasoned withturmeric, mint leaves, and a little flour, before it fried until crisp, then dried. After that step, I made the special secret sauce that makes my gurame delicious. How to make this special secret sauce? It's easy. Just mix garlic, spanish onion, chili, and paprika. Stir-fry with vegetable oil. Pour soy sauce and water. Don't forget with grated orange peel, salt, and pepper.
And then....  pour the sauce on top of fried gurame fish.